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Sonoff L1 led strip

Dear Sonoff team

I have a number of T-series wall switches deployed throughout my house and am very happy with them.

I am now contemplating of installing a few L1 LED strips in a few rooms. However, I have the following questions, which I hope you can assist with:

1. I understand from your L1 product webpage that it is possible to connect an extra 5050RGB LED light strip to the L1. This means that the max length of LED strip that L1 power supply and wifi controller can manage is up to 10m - is that correct?

2. Is it possible to use a LED connector cable splitter (e.g., this one) to connect 2 individual strips up to 5m length each to the  L1 power supply and wifi controller?

3. Does the L1 work with IFTTT?

Thanks and regards


No response from Sonoff - disappointing

Have opened a support ticket now. Maybe I will get a response that way...

How long can sonoff Led strip controller can support, cause I have a 14 meters long need to put lights?


I have a few L1's. 

1. I honestly don't know, but I think you're correct. I have a 7m strip that has no issues

2. Yes you could, I have one of these in use on one of my chains

3. No, not at all. It doesn't even turn up in the device list, this is a massive disappointment for me personally :(

Tasmota doesn't have a stable ROM for it either. 

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Regarding point 3 - I'm also pretty upset with this ... 

I can’t get the l1 to join the network, very frustration.  Filmed it and will add to Youtube channel

Hi to those with lengths greater than 5m.  What were the additional products you needed to purchase?  I believe there is a connector and power supply?  Can you tell me the part numbers as I can’t find it on the website.



Hi, the LED strip controller manages up to 2 amps per channel. So max current it can manage is 6 amps or 72W in total at 12 volts. This is just 5 meters of high brightness RGB strips (60 LED / meter) or 10 meters of low brightess LED Stips (30 LEDS / meter). You can extend the lenght as long as you want using RGB amplifiers / repeaters between strip segments. Those repeaters have to be connected to a power supply to repeat the signal and reinject power into the next strip for the double objective to avoid draining more power out of the controller and at the same time keep the brigthness and tone of the light even trough the lenght of all segments.

Hope this helps.

Here is connection diagram to extend the RGB controller.  it is in Spanish but hope it is still understandable in escence....

See thread #450723 L1 10 meter strip for more details of the solution they suggest.
Thanks Mario The L1 at 2m long is a 30led per meter product. Hence they claim the 2x5m joining ability
If I join 2x 5m Sonoff LED strips, the 2nd strip has incorrect colours apart from RED and WHITE The connection clip is done properly so power supply issue and power extender required??

I've just managed to join 2x5m L1's together successfully, giving me a 10m run off one power supply.  All looks good same colour across entire strip.  Didnt need any additional hardware, just had to take off one of the male-male connectors from one end of one strip to join it.

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