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Sonnof PIR being able to reset inching timer

Hi. Would it be possible to include a feature to allow the PIR on the bridge to reset the inching timer on a switch. Example: I have a PIR that triggers a scene on Ewelink to switch on one of the wall light sockets. The socket is setup to inch and switch off after 1 minute. Now when you are still in the room, the PIR triggers the whole time as you walk around but only switches the light on once it is switched off so instead of staying on for as long as there is movement it goes off and back on.

What you ask me to work long ago. Time starts moving from the beginning by moving under the sensor. The sensor triggers a trigger.
Thanks. The sensor triggers a trigger which is used in the scene to trigger the light switch on. Then the light switch switches of after the inching duration has gone past(1 minute in my case). The PIR trigger however does not reset the inching duration to 0 while the light is on and only does that once the light has switched off. Unless I am misunderstanding your statement please elaborate on the explanation.
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