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Scene with 2 sonoff TH16

Dear Support,

I would like to create the following scene:

If temp at TH16(N'1) >=temp at TH16(N'2) than TH16(N'1){or even third basic sonoff device} ON else OFF.

The current EWelink scene option provides only numeric value for temp condition rather than comparison with another TH16/10 device.

Could you please provider a solution ?


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What happened with this? I quite like this idea.

even please condider doing this with one TH 10/16 . manufacture a unit with second sensor input..  its not that hard! 


thanks HEAPS

I am interested in what you are saying, what do you mean by manufacture a unit with a second sensor input? (My other option I am looking into is flashing the device with Tasmota and reprogram it with Linux and have the commands monitor the temps and use use it as a scene to control the device for on/off based in values) (I am wanting to set up 2 different TH-16 devices with temperature sensors. I need TH16(a) to read temperature and TH16(b)to read temperature. Using a scene I need it to use an if then statement to control power. For example: IF TH16(b) is <=1 ° greater than TH16(a) then “OFF”)
Where would it solder in? And what about coding?
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