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Real-Time Clock (RTC) for Retaining Time after Power On without WiFi

Is there a way to add a RTC to a current Sonoff Switch?

I want this feature because I use some of my Sonoff switches as Timer switches & in case of a power loss along with my internet outage the switches loss track of time.

If YES, how? I think I have seen & read about people flashing their Sonoffs with TASMODA and adding a RTC module by connecting it to the circuit of the switches. I think they did that by soldering & removing resistor or something like that. So basically I am looking for a non-invasive method to do this; like the connector of the Sonoff TH10/16. I also don't want to leave the eWeLink ecosystem or add a new ecosystem like Home Assitant to my existing setup.

If NO, can ITEAD include this feature in it's future switches?

I mean they could integrate a RTC into their switchs' PCBs  & provide a button cell battery holder in the switches & then it will be upto the user to actively use or not use this feature.

Or they could support adding an external RTC module to the future switchs; like the Temperature & Humidity Sensor for the Sonoff TH10/16 3.5mm Jack.

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