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Inching /Self-Locking WiFi Wireless Switch 5V/12V Dry-Contact Output Support?

Does the ITEAD 1 Channel Inching /Self-lockIing Mode WiFi Wireless Switch 5V/12V support Dry-Contact Output? Will this switch support dry contact output like the newly launched SONOFF RE5V1C - 5V Wifi Inching/Selflock Relay Module?

Posso collegare in ingresso alla scheda RE5V1C un trasformatore che eroga in uscita 5 volts e corrente max 0,6 Ampere in corrente continua? In pratica, qual'è la corrente di assorbimento max della scheda?

A tal proposito ho ordinato un trasformatore  AZDelivery 3 x mini Trasformatore Adattatore 220V a 5 V con i seguenti dati; INPUT 100-240V  AC; output 5V DC/3Watt (0,6A).


Hi, yes it does. The relay is  completely isolated.

 If you use instead the Sonoff SV, you need to pull out a zero ohm resistor as explained here in order to isolate the relay.

I planned to use the re5v1c to control a motorized door. I found there is a 24v power supply available. can I use it to power the re5v1c instead of 5v ?

what is the risk ?


I don't think it will work. Better to use a simple step down converter.

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