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Bridge and Pir false trigger?

I have a Pir and bridge which switch my lights on when detected via scene between 9pm and 6am. I seem to be getting false triggers on the bridge even tho the Pir has not been triggered. When I check the history of alarms the scene has triggered the lights on but if I check the Pir history there is no detection from Pir at the times the scene turned the lights on. If I trigger the Pir all alarm logs appear correctly from both Pir and scene which makes me think some are false from the bridge. The screen shot shows lights on and off but these times when I check Pir there has been no activation

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And now I just had some more false scene triggering! They tend to come at whole minutes interval i.e. At the same seconds count! Could be an issue with the server?
I have this issue recently: 2 of my 3 PIR sensors triggers exactly the same second in two different locations. Unfortunately one of it turns 120 db siren on. I had to disable the scene that triggers the sound. Any help? Have no idea if thats a fake bridge trigger or PIR sensors. But how is that possible that two sensors triggers exactly same moment ? One is located inside house and other outside - thats impossible
False and unreliable triggers stopped with my devices with firmwares updates and locating them near the router.
This is the latest revision of firmware on that bridge. I guess the problem starts with the update. Before update I got no problems at all

I am close to dismantle all sonoff devices due to that issue.  D1 dimmers sometimes works sometimes not. group dimming is not working well, the device is too big to fit it into the box with other cables and can't work with any standard switch. PIR sensors gives fake alarms, bridge disconnects quite frequently from wifi beside it is located 2m away from router...

I experienced the same as Jose Pro.

But my PIR sensor only stopped giving false alarms when I removed a metal grid  mounted just in front of it!

I think there was a warning in the user guide against metal in front of the PIR sensor.

I have no metal parts in front except the metal casing near the floor where valves from my floor heating are hidden. Actually I don't think its the case because completely two separate PIR sensors triggers at exactly the same moment (one outside the house, one inside), minute and even second which is technically impossible. It is rather a software bug in the bridge or... I don't know interference or noise from something that both PIR sensors detects as movement at the same moment. I would probably give up to something else and sell all sonoff devices.

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