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Bridge and Pir false trigger?

I have a Pir and bridge which switch my lights on when detected via scene between 9pm and 6am. I seem to be getting false triggers on the bridge even tho the Pir has not been triggered. When I check the history of alarms the scene has triggered the lights on but if I check the Pir history there is no detection from Pir at the times the scene turned the lights on. If I trigger the Pir all alarm logs appear correctly from both Pir and scene which makes me think some are false from the bridge. The screen shot shows lights on and off but these times when I check Pir there has been no activation

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I am also facing this problem from last 15 days. I thought it is in my bridge which is triggering false execution. But if others are also facing issue that means it is issue of some common port might be from server.
Even if you remove the battery from the sensor then still scene is executing randomly.
Yeah I simulated it last night by switching power off to the bridge and back on. When it came back on the lights triggered without Pir. When I checked logs it was the same, no Pir detection but lights triggered from then “scene” maybe something to do with bridge loosing signal or something
I moved my bridge closer to the Pir and WiFi router and now ok no false alarms
I got same false scene triggered with my door sensor. I tried to move bridge near to router and sensor without success. If bridge is failing is there anyway to hard reset it or flashing it manually?
My friend, this is not the issue of signal strength so it will not solve by putting devices near by. Problem is started after the latest update and changes in scene or period setting. You have to delete all sensors and reset your bridge and install the older verion and then reconfigure. Its worked for me, Hope this will solve your issue.
In new version if you change the settings of bridge like indicator setting and other then scene will execute automatically without rf trigger.
You mean previous bridge firmware or ewelink app? Please How to get it?
Ewelink app. Just download the old version. And install that.

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I agree, my problems started with the latest app update. I later updated my bridge to 3.3 with no success. But how do I downgrade the app?
Ups! Theres an IOS app update of aug.25 I did not see, I’ll try that.
Ups! There’s a new IOS update of aug.25 I did not see. I’ll try that.
Scenes are not executing from last 2 days.
I had to do this: In ‘Edit Scene’ set to 24 hours, ‘Repeat Everyday’ and ‘24hours’ selected. BTW the false triggering disappeared by the latest update aug 25.
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