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Loop Timer vs Inching for Garage Lights

The inching feature works great when you ALWAYS want the "light" to turn off in x minutes. I use a motion sensor to turn on the garage lights when passing through and inching will auto turn them off. Cool. 

However sometimes we need to work in the garage and want to turn the lights on indefinitely until I turn them off...inching does not allow this, it will always turn the light off in x minutes. My garage lights are controlled by Sonoff 3-gang smart wall switch witch does NOT have the Loop Timer option so the only solution seems to be inching, but again that doesn't allow manually keeping the light on.

Has anyone found a solution to this scenario?

The scenarios should be:

1. motion detector turns light on, then off after 5 min.

2. manual smart switch turns light on and stays on till turned off manually or by a scene.

My equipment is all Sonoff and eWelink. The wall switch is a 3 CH T0 for US. The motion sensor is SONOFF PIR2 Wireless Infrared Detector connected via the RF Bridge (WIFI, 433 MHz).


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Also, this seems like it should be an obvious and popular configuration. I hope I'm just missing something.

When I did something similar in my workshop, I had a PIR sensor that popped the lights on for 5mins, and then a hard switch to over-ride this stuff.

If you're using a smart wall switch - do you have a spare channel on that switch that you could use as a latching output and connect it at the switch to the other channel's output (You could use diodes for this also, but I don't think it's necessary).

Hi Alex. I do intend to use a smart switch, although it is not completely necessary to do so. I've come to the same conclusion as you that two switches for each of the three circuits may be necessary. A 3-gang smart wall switch to turn the lights on locally or remotely with no inching and three Sonoff basics to turn the lights on via the PIR motion detector. The Sonoff basics will be setup in eWeLink with inching turned on and in parallel with the smart wall switch. Was hoping eWeLink is more intelligent as this could and should be done logically rather than with redundant parallel switches. Do we have a choice other than eWeLink for our Sonoff hardware?
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