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Hide Devices from Google Home

I have several Sonoff devices, they are mainly lights. So I have no problem with Google Home. But... I have two Sonoff basic RF that are used to turn on and off two bridges. That two bridges are my alarm system. Also I have a Sonoff basic that is connected to an alarm siren. It is no cool to press accidentally a button and turn on the alarm o the siren. Or say to Google that turn off everything and it turn off my alarm system How can avoid this? I think that if in Sonoff settings we could have a hide to Google switch would be great.

I just added a second home in Google Home and now it doesn't turn off all lights. This can be a workaround. I have 'Home' and 'Alarm System'

This question I asked in Google Home feedback some monthes ago, still no answer. And I think Google needs to do it, not Sonoff.  You have devices with more then one Channel? A T1 3CH is in Google 4 devices. Ch1 to 3 and all together. This I want hide. And of course some Do-not.touch devices. 

Maybe for you a second account at ewelink as a work-around?

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