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Start scene by another scene?

Maybe someone can help me...

I have a t1 wall switch, only connected to power, not to a lamp. Then I did 2 scenes to switch a far away basic. One for on, one for off. It works. If i press the T1 the scene starts and the basic switches a lamp. It works by app, by alexa, manually at the T1. So far so good.

Now I wanted a second T1. Again 2 scenes, but only to swich the first T1. My idea was second T1 to switch first T1 to swich basic. Ok, the second switches the first but that scene wants not start to switch the basic. 

What I did, the scene in second T1 to switch first T1 and basic. But this is not what I want. 

Result what i want is switch first t1 by a NFC-Tag, that works, only the scene wants not start.

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