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4CHPROR2 and RF Bridge challenge

I have a RF Bridge and a 4CHProR2. All is working well, however I only seem to be able to use the Bridge's (emulated) buttons to inverse the status of the 4CHProR2 relais. So, if relais 1 is on, I only can switch it off. However, I would like to be able to send different signals (433Mhz) for on and off (even if this means that I need 8 buttons instead of 4).

RF Bridge is running on Tasmota (6.6), so I can use up to 16 emulated buttons. 4CHProR2 is running stock firmware.

Does somebody have an idea? I don't want to use wifi, because where the 4CHProR2 will be placed, wifi will frequently be unavailable.

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