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interlock on ewelink > 3.9.0

Dear Itead, new interlock function on dual switch are very good but enable possibility to use timer and inching. I would use interlock for my roller shutter with inching duration on channel. We wait for this new feature as soon as possible. ProtoMax

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This would be great.  Is this a bug on inching not being available or needs development?

Either way, this would make the Dual ideal for shutter control.

Same for me would be great. As a work around I did like this: I use a dual connected with roller shutter and power. One Channel up, one channel down. This dual has interlock and this dual I never touch in the app.

Second I use a 2ch wall switch, only connected to power. This switch has inching and I use 4 scenes with this switch and the dual. if ch1 (ws) on -> ch1(d) on; if ch1(ws) off -> ch1(d) off; same for ch2. 

So if I press ch1 at wall switch it swiches ch1 at dual and roller shutter moves up. After 20 seconds inching switches off the wall switch, the scenes switches off ch1 at dual. Same at ch2 for down. 

I hope it helps you. 

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