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Sonoff T1 (UK) - Scenes question

I'm planning on installing a number of Sonoff T1 switches in my house. I've got a Dual R2 and a Basic already to test with, but I'm looking for ways to control this stuff when the Alexa is not available, or in rooms where we don't have an Alexa.

So from reading about the Scene capability it appears that I can configure a T1 to switch other T1's (or other Sonoff devices) - however what isn't clear from reading if the device running the eWeLink app needs to be present for this stuff to work?

Assuming I set this stuff up on my phone, and I go to work - will my hallway lights still work? I'll be relying upon the T1's to trigger a seperate pair of POW switches from any one of about 7 switches due to the layout of my hallway and bedroom doors. I'm limited in the wiring already installed to just the Live+Neutral+Earth down to each switch, so I wouldn't be using the local outputs for anything.

Has anyone any experience with this sort of thing?

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Hi Alex, this is what I did. Works perfect. 

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