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Car Charging

Hi All

I was thinking of having an outdoor socket to plug in my car charger.

The charger is just the standard 13A domestic supply and will take about 5 hours to fully charge the vehicle (plug in hybrid).

I also want to control this socket such that it will only be live when I am home or maybe when the car is there (the car has its own wi-fi connection)... so I though SONOFF maybe the way to go.

Does anyone know if the SONOFF 16A smart switch would be OK to be running for 5 hours at 13A without getting too hot or overloading?

I guess it should but has anyone put such a load through for this length of time?



Just checked the manual and it would seem that the maximum load would be 10A so my guess is this will be OK but feel free to correct me...

The charger gives 13 A but at 12V.

LOL… no, its a big hybrid battery not just a standard battery for the starter motor.

It will be drawing 10A 240V for 5 Hours.

On the secondary charger you have 240V right?

Hmmm, replied days ago but it was never published! Did I break one of the rules?

Anyway, thanks Robert but I am not sure what you mean by 'secondary charger'?

This is just a domestic 3 pin plug for an EV car charger; I think people call them 'granny chargers'?

I did add a picture of it as pictures paint a thousand words but maybe that was why my reply was never published?


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