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Too many Device on wireless access point

 What wireless access point (WAP) are people using with more than 10 Sonoff devices?

I have 32+ devices spread across 2 different WAP's, but I still have devices falling off the network and have to restart the WAPs to get them to connect again.

One wifi router can connect to 256 devices at once theoretically. However, in practice 40 to 50 devices might be a practical limit. More the number of devices less the bandwidth will be available for a device. However, Smart home control devices do not require large bandwidth. So a good quality wifi router would be able to connect to 30 to 40 Sonoff devices at a time I think. Please understand that microwave ovens and BT devices may interfere with the wifi devices. Also consider the distance and obstacles between the wifi router and devices.

I'd suggest looking at Enterprise grade kit here - Ubiquiti for example, or Cisco Meraki :)

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