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Sonoff RF pairing issue

Tried pairing a Sonoff RF switch but at step 2 when I'm supposed to select the itead wifi I can't. I can't change the wifi network from my home network to the itead network no matter what I do. It keeps remembering my home network and even when I do "Change wifi" and connect to the itead network from my android settings, it stays on my home network. In the screenshots you can see I'm connected to Itead wifi but the app still stays on my home wifi. Can't change that to itead wifi no matter how many times I try to change it.

Never mind. Solved. Step 2 I left my home wifi and at step 3 I then put the unit into pairing mode, not before.

Were you on an Android device with this issue?

I have the same problem - won't switch to the ITEAD wifi connection. Seen posts were they say it is different for Android.

I cannot get to step 3 because if I leave my home wifi in step 2 it loads a message about "only 2.4 ghz" and pushes me back to the Step 2 screen.

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