Sonoff DIY MODE API Protocol 1.4 update

Sonoff DIY MODE API Protocol 1.4 update:

1. Specify the description of how to enter the DIY MODE;

2. Add the guide of LED blinking in DIY MODE and failure diagnosis;

3. Solutions to clean the user setting in DIY MODE;

4. LAN requirement (2.4GHz with mDNS service supported) for DIY MODE device connection;

5. Test environment set up process via tool_01DIY85(3.3.0).exe;

6. Specify each API information further and add a new API control of " Get Device info" in real time;

7. Other details optimization


If you have any questions about DIY MODE, you can check more info on Github or submit questions on Github issue:

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Finally i got it, thanks for the tutorial. cctv bisa merekam suara.

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