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Sonoff POW R2 Energy monitor drops to 0 on new update 3.3

I bought 6 sonoff devices and I tried upgrading to 3.3.0 on one device. The energy monitor most of the time doesn't work. It's like stuck to 0 Watt or whatever the last number is there.  Sometimes it just drops to 0 Watt even when the AC is working. 

I'm not upgrading the other devices. How can I revert to previous firmware to fix this? 

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Same here. 2 sonoff POW R2 updated to 3.3 and now I can't monitoring my system. This is really bad!!!

Any update?

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@stepenraj you can raise a ticket [New support ticket] button above.

In my oppinion everyone should raise a ticket, to show them that it is important issue. For me it is even critical, now my POW R2 is nothing better than Sonoff Basic and it was more expensive :(

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I've contacted support by app ewelink and they reply "Hi, We will solve this as soon as possible. So sorry for this inconvenience". Support know this bug, but without a beta program are possible to publish firmware with bug. Bye4now ProtoMax
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