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Sonoff POW R2 Energy monitor drops to 0 on new update 3.3

I bought 6 sonoff devices and I tried upgrading to 3.3.0 on one device. The energy monitor most of the time doesn't work. It's like stuck to 0 Watt or whatever the last number is there.  Sometimes it just drops to 0 Watt even when the AC is working. 

I'm not upgrading the other devices. How can I revert to previous firmware to fix this? 

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Anyone know how to bring this issue to sonoff firmware development team ?? Any way to contact them in email so that they ll fix the bug and release firmware 3.4.0 For Vi Recharge Plansb ut ewelink support and all of its updates are going crazier and crazier each time, there is an update. I dont undetstand why this us happening, but i migrated lots of my sonoff devices to custom firmware . Since then i have zero issues. The rest of the devices i left in ewelink i did not update, and app is also old version 3.5.8 . When i updated app, all hell went loose, so i decided i will stay stuck on 3.5.8 version, no firmware update, and all works perfect.. 

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