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Sonoff POW R2 Energy monitor drops to 0 on new update 3.3

I bought 6 sonoff devices and I tried upgrading to 3.3.0 on one device. The energy monitor most of the time doesn't work. It's like stuck to 0 Watt or whatever the last number is there.  Sometimes it just drops to 0 Watt even when the AC is working. 

I'm not upgrading the other devices. How can I revert to previous firmware to fix this? 

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Sonoff R1 (wifi only, I don’t have the version with RF 433 Mhz)Solder headers (male or female, it’s up to you). Those are not delivered with the Sonoff, but you have to solder at least 4 headers to the pcbUSB-TTL converter ( CP2102 serial converter chip) 6 pins TTL connector for 3,3V, RST,TXD, RXD, GND and 5V.At least 4 jumper wires to connect the Sonoff headers to the USB_TTL (which are male connectors) Cinema HD

I’ve connected the USB-TTL converter – without any wires connected- once to my computer, so I was sure the device is recognised correctly, and a COM-port was visible in device manager. MegaBox HD APK

Connecting wires In the most online tutorials the jumperwires are in different order, but in my case the purple and yellow are switched, (This is explaned there too. If flashing the firmware is not working, you have to switch the RX/TX wires, in my case the yellow and purple wires).

USB-TTL converter (up to down) wire setting:

Red: 3.3VPurple: TXDYellow: RXDBlack: GND While holding down the button on the Sonoff (long black pin next to led), connect the USB to your computer. BeeTV APK

Once it’s connected, you can release the Sonoff button. This bring the Sonoff in programming mode.

Download the ESP easy firmware and flash tool on the following website:

When downloading the latest stable firmware version 120, the download included also the flash tool: Exiled Ros


Start “Flash.cmd”.

The prompt, will ask 3 questions, which has to be entered, and confirmed with ENTER.

Comport: in my case 5 (see device manager for the correct one)Flash size: 1024Build: the firmware version in above overview = 120

Connect the jumper wires between the Sonoff and the USB-TTL converter as following:

Sonoff (up to down) wire setting: Exiled CFPH

Red: 3.3VPurple: RXYellow: TXBlack: GNDEmpty: GPIO 14

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