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Inching duration longer than 3600 seconds

It would be great if we could set Inching duration longer than 3600 seconds (1 Hour), as before.

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I need this also.

As far as I can tell from API specifications, the maximum inching duration should be 36,000,000 ms = 36,000 s = 10 hours. It sounds as if in some earlier version of the app it was entered in this form. The current app version seems to have a limit of 3,600 s = 1 hour. It looks to me as if this is an artificial limitation.

I'm hoping this can be treated as a bug and fixed in the next app release to increase this limit to 36,000 s = 10 hours, which would be much more useful.

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Can you please help clarify some application scenarios for this idea? Btw it's a good point., thank you.

wow. It is a good idea.

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