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OPS stop working on Sonoff Pow R2

OPS stop working on my Sonoff Pow R2, after last firmware update 3.3.0.

Anyone else has the same problem?

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I have the same problem I have written in one thread and no answer yet. Revert 2.8.0 firmware or fix it quickly.

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Same and wattage monitor sometimes suddenly drops to 0 watts, even when the Air-conditioner is on. How to revert to 2.8.0 firmware? 

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Power R2 shows 0 while power consumption is 1.7 KW
I have the same problem. OPS not working and monitoring :(

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With firmware 3.3.0, there is a serious problem with measuring Watts !!!! 

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You all have a vacation or nobody here!

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Sonoff is an afordable product, but software is a disaster, dvery time some new update arrives. I have ewelink 3.5.8 + old firmware and it works. Sonoff also gives users a chance to load on it customized software, and then it will work pretty good, and no issues. So itead sells great product, but app is a big risk, if you are playing with updates and updating firmware on devices. Simply do not do that, or upload your own software, and you will see Sonoff Pow R2 is an AMAZING PIECE OF WORK.

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All of this is due to the LAN function that has not worked since the beginning.

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i too have same problem guys. i m using SONOFF POW R2 without knowing the problem in firmware 3.3.0 i updated nearly five devices. Now all having problem. Stupid Sonoff Testing team. Without testing the firmware how damn they rolled out this update... Hey Sonoff Team. R u listening ????
@Robert Barta Yes what u said is correct. In this firm ware 3.3.0 LAN function introduced. Now all went in hell. My devices always shows Zero.
People, use custom firmware. That is only solution. Save original one, flash custom one. And when ewelink team solves this issue, then migrate back to ewelink. That is my proposal.

@Bogdan Boki  if u have custom firmware for sonoff pow R2 pls provide me a download link or share it in dropbox or Google drive. it will be really helpful for me.


You can cownload it everywhere on the web. It is called Tasmota.
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