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Sonoff 4ch pro suddenly didn't work anymore

I have a sonoff 4ch pro since one year and a half and always worked fine. There were some problems with wifi connection but with new firmwares this was solved. But since a couple of days the sonoff directly does not work. All lights are off and if I unplug the power supply and plug again, the blue light turn on for about 5 seconds and then it turn off and the device do nothing. No button responds and the device seems to be dead. The device worked with DC but I tried it with AC and it does not work either. Any idea?


I'm facing with the same identical issue.

Did you find a solution?

Thanks a lot,


Before throwing it in the garbage try to load an alternative firmware. Unfortunately if something gets stuck in the software there isn't an "official way" of fixing it.

Estou com o mesmo problema com o meu Sonoff Pro. Acende quando liga e depois apaga. Não responde mais a nenhum comando.

Hello. Same problem here. Did you find any solution?

warm up the wi fi chip with a rework station

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