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Sonoff RF bridge Doesn't transmit Sonoff RF Remote code correctly

I have Sonoff RF  and Sonoff RF remote and I paired the Sonoff RF to Sonoff RF Remote

I open and close the Sonoff RF with Sonoff RF Remote and it works 100% without problem.

In other hand

I have purchased Sonoff RF Bridge and trying to make it learn the Sonoff RF Remote, it learn it successfully but when i try to open the Sonoff RF from the Sonoff RF Bridge in the app it doesn't work

Summary: the Sonoff RF works only from the physical Sonoff RF Remote and doesn't work from Sonoff RF Bridge on the ewelink app.


this is Sonoff RF Remote i have talked about

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I think it's the rf bridge problem. I bought one today and tested it, same problem as yours. I can pair it with my phone. the item is online in the app. the item can learn remote control. the item can receive signal from remote control (set as alarm and it activated scene successfully). the item can receive command from app (LED light blinks once when remote control is pressed). but... the item cannot send signal out. help please.
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