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Bridge RF 433 fixed ip and mac address


yesterday I was happily playing with my new RF 433 Bridge when I had to reboot the router. After that the Bridge refused to reconnect to line and I followed the instruction (and did all the router reboot, clean the pools and so on). I was able to pair it again on another hotspot, but every time I tryed to reset it to the home wifi it would pair but then stay offline.

When my other devices shows this kind of problem I simply setup a fixed IP out of the DHCP pool and everything goes smooth. But the pairing did not had a "static IP" advanced option.

My second chance for reserving an IP to a device is to pair the MAC address to a static IP, but the information on the device do not display the MAC address.

In the end I had to pair it with my hotspot, go to the hotspot DHCP management and get the MAC address of the device,  reserve ths IP to the MAC address on the router, pair the Bridge again with the home wifi and I had it immediately online! 

All this hassle could be spared if I could give the Bridge a static IP since the beginning OR if I could easily get my device MAC address!

Please consider this Features as they will save lot of time to people that are not computer savvy!

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