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EWeLink Humidy (numeric gauge)

The last update replaced the numeric indicator with a graphical representation and some numeric points. It would be great to read the exactl humidity percentage as a number just like before. Thanks

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I have no idea why this company implements these silly updates with no way to revert back to what we've known for some time now. If you are going to replace an actually helpful numeric value with some stupid "suitable"  range/dial, at least give us an option to revert back to the normal numeric value. Please, ITEAD, bring back the proper numeric value!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It shows inaccurately.

I would like to see the previous display too.. as they say, 'if its not broken, don't fix it' :p 

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Hellooo, hope someone from itead would reply. This issue is really making my products obsolete and unusable. Really need to know exact %.

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Hello everyone, I too would be most grateful if you would allow us the option to switch to the old digital readout for humidity.

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One big issue with the current graph is you can’t tell when humidity is moving up to 5%. Is there any hope for the digital readout?

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Please,  please, please put this back. I use the humidity to trigger an extractor fan. Since the  update it's impossible to actually see what values to set are.

I am not convinced of the accuracy of the new gauges either, my previously set humidity appears to be about 5% different since the "upgrade" 

I don't think this company patrols these threads at all or implement any customer feedback in their designs. The app is so limited and new implementations like these are incredibly misguided...

@blake They said about 2 weeks ago that they are doing something about the humidity meter. 

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 @Eoin Healy Where did you see that? I never see the company responding in the threads to address these issues?

Also, doesn't seem like it should take so long to implement such a simple change nor why they would make the change in the first place. Simply idiotic.

It was posted on Facebook by the group admin, from an email response they got from itead. 

It probably doesn't take long, but they have other updates to go with it (one is part of the same page on the app) so they will roll them all out at once, instead of in drips, which can also be annoying to users.

Very true, it should have never been changed, but to be fair, they tried something different, it didn't work, and they are changing it back. Always good to try new things, even if it doesn't always go to plan.

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