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EWeLink Humidy (numeric gauge)

The last update replaced the numeric indicator with a graphical representation and some numeric points. It would be great to read the exactl humidity percentage as a number just like before. Thanks

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I am with you man! This company is a fucking joke when it comes to customer service and updating their shotty app. I will be looking for a replacement for all of my sonoff devices as a result and will do my best to give sonoff a bad name. 

The new version of eWeLink v3.14.0 on iOS says it added back the humidity readout on TH10 and TH16 "Temp / humidity level is replaced with value on TH10/16" Can anyone confirm this?
Yes it’s in small numeric below the graph needle

When will v3.14.0 for IOS be released to the masses?  Still on v3.13.0 with no update available.

Go to App Store and manually download it. It is there

Use Home Assistant and ewerithing looks good,numeric humidity,unlimited inching and more,more,more.No flashing

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