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S20 cannot change to other SSID or AP


I have strange situation. When I bought S20 I connect it to one of my wifi networks and everything works OK. Now, when I want to move S20 to another house, it can't be registered on other network. I have deleted S20 from eWeLink and pair again to new SSID, and on eWeLink everything goes OK, but device never register to new SSID. It stays unregistered to WiFi.  Tried on different APs, on mobile wifi hotspot, it cannot connect to even same SSID on different AP.

It can be registered only on first AP and first SSID on that AP; looks like it is somehow locked on it. Firmware is 1.6.0.

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My new product (smart socket S20) is allways in the OFF state, in gray. As you see in the picture, the other 2 products (switches) are ok, that means that the network and the account are ok.

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