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Firmware 3.3.0

Hi , Firmware 3.3.0 is announced yesterday for SONOFF T1 1C and basic. I have updated all my 1C's, keep you updated. My T1 2C/3C's are with Firmware 3.1.0 , so far working ok.

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Hi Brad, now that's just ridiculous. I'd put a claim in through Paypal. Old controllers aren't compatible (and are horrible anyway). 2 x options would be to 1 x order just a remote and code in together; or 2 x just get a whole new kit. I'd probably go with 2, as Paypal takes forever. (Also be aware that the 'wall bracket' is sold separately too).
Same problem others are reporting. Upgraded to 3.3.0 now I can't control the lights on Google Home. I used to have a separate control for the lights and fan, now only the fan. 3.3 was a major step backwards! I wanted to buy another unit, but I'll have to look at something else if they don't fix this ASAP. As it is, I would not recommend this unit.

update from my previous complaint regarding the 3.3.0 firmware messing up the ifan02....  i reached out to support directly:  They gave me the new updated commands that must be used.  I have tested them and with the new commands, i can control the light by itself however the command for the light/fan and the command for the fan itself are controlling both the light and the fan together.  The updated command are not as easy and some do not work right so this still needs to be addressed but wanted to post this in case others find it useful.

Thank you Michael, unfortunately my google home does not respond to those commands because I use the Spanish language.

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I have two POW R2's, they were great on v2.8
Yesterday I saw new firmware is available, and although I had no issues, I stupidly clicked update on both. 

Now I am having issues where they are intermittently not updating the watts being pulled. It seems to randomly stop updating every now and then, for random periods of time.

I would very very much like to go back to the previous firmware, is there any way of doing this?

Kind regards

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I don't want to jump the gun, but initial testing seems to show the newest version of the app (updated earlier today for me) fixes the issues with not updating the power consumption for my POW R2s. Very happy this seems to be fixed, I love the switches. Kind regards
Is there in some place the changelog of the versions?. I didn't found it.
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