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Firmware 3.3.0

Hi , Firmware 3.3.0 is announced yesterday for SONOFF T1 1C and basic. I have updated all my 1C's, keep you updated. My T1 2C/3C's are with Firmware 3.1.0 , so far working ok.

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I have updated my device. Could you help me where can I found info about the new features? 

Thanks. Gábor

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Hi, the new update will fix the random SONOFF T1 1C  disconnected issue and not reconnect .

if you are looking for more info , contact support .

3.3.0 did not solve any of problems on G1 Inching/Self locking device. Still losing the connection and pulsing the relay after power lost.

I miss the old 2.6.0 or 2.6.1

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since upgrade to 3.3 on my sonoff rf, the Power ON schedules are not working if the sonoff have no internet connection.

As my wifi is turned of at night using a sonoff... it never comes back on

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Can anyone confirm that this fixes T1 3C random beeping, turning on/off (wifi drop outs)? I don't trust these updates having been burnt by the last one...
Why don't you try the new firmware before downloading it? Power R2 which turned off when it drops below 5 W, does not shut down after the firmware update.

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Power R2 shows 0 while power consumption is 1.7 KW

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With firmware 3.3.0, there is a serious problem with measuring Watts !!!! Consumption is fixed, there is no change in real time! 

With 2.8.0


With 3.3.0 


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3.3.0 bricked my ifan02 !!

manual controls work to control fan function but after 3.3.0 upgrade unable to connect to the wifi. even created a test open no encryption SSID, nothing.  iphone app connects correctly via compatible pairing mode, after that nothing. will not connect to wifi.

burned my FW crap update

Hi Brad, I had same issue and just replaced them with the ifan03. Everything about the ifan02 sucked (random wifi dissconnections, beeping, remote batteries died once a month). The new ifan03's actually work as advertised (for what it's worth). Key lesson I've learned is do not update unless you absolutely have to! If I wasn't 30'ish Sonoff devices committed, I'd ditch the lot. But hindsights a beautiful thing.

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hi guys, with the latest version of firmware 3.3.0, my sonoff 4ch pro r2, they no longer work with Alexa, in Lan switch mode it does not display the channel names and does not exit this mode. can you tell me a way to downgrade firmware to version 2.7.1? Best regards Ros
After upgrading iFan02 to 3.3 firmware, I lost the individual Light and Fan control on Google Home. On Google Home, now it shows up device type as Fan, and triggering this (can only be triggered via voice), turns on both Light and Fan together. Not satisfied with the upgrade.

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I have 3 of the ifan02 units linked to google home app. After updating to firmware 3.3.0, the individual light and fan modules in the google home app and Alexa app are gone. There is one combined module that is missing the on/off options in the google home app. Voice control via alexa or google assistant or the google smart speaker only allows for the entire unit (light+fan) to be turned on and off. Can no longer control the lights or fan individually via voice or at all in the google home app. Is there a way to downgrade the firmware? Very disappointed with this update. I would advise others with ifan02 to not update the firmware to 3.3.0. When can we expect a fix for this? Also, a suggested improvement would be to allow for the fan speed to be controlled via google/Alexa integration.

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Tristan, ok I purchased an ifan03 controller. It did not come with the remote control. Giving them one last chance.  Any idea if the ifan02 remote control will work with the ifan03 controller?

If sonoff products another firmware release like the 3.3.0 that bricked my unit I'll be permanently off of sonoff product. While there aren't to many good options for IP fan with light controllers that work with google or amazon. The sonoff programmer and director should be fired that released 3.3.0. Utter crap. 

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