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Addition of Device Types (also for google home)

Hi, i am using "smart we link" extension in google home app. It shows me all devices as switches and the devices suffixed with "lamp" in ewelink app will show up as type light in google home, which is great! But this is really inconvenient for naming and makes the devices names unnecessarily long, so i am asking you to add an option to choose the devices type from a list of so far implemented types in google and also show the devices in ewelink app with respective icons. Example, lets say i have an humidifier, i would like to go into the settings of that device in ewelink and click on "set type", then scroll trough the list of possible types like "lamp", "fan", "outlet" and so on and click on "humidifier". After that, this device should be shown as an humidifier in ewelink as well as in google home app. I hope you will also implement many more types, which should be really quick to add given the google home api. Looking forward to hear from you, if you need any more information you can of course contact me. Keep up the great work!!

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Here is a full list of possible device types: Ewelink should just add all of these types, as a sonoff can be built into anything, even doors, windows or washing machines. Also using googles icons for these types would be great, just in material version to fit ewelinks app-design.
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