eWeLink What's New for Android 3.9.0

Release Date:2019.07.12

What's new of eWelink Android 3.9.0:

1. Binding camera function optimization

2. Option to turn on/off LAN control mode 

3. Multi-channel Switch supports LAN control mode 

4. Exclusive subscription service provides users the latest news of the eWeLink app

5. Other App bugs fixed and optimizations.

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Sonoff tn16 now has very poor sensetivity, will not switch reliably, humidity switching Poor, please Fix! Pow r2 now locks up, will not show true readings, shows consumption with device off, Please Fix! Both of these issues on latest update 3.30

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I dont not why it its, I know it doesn't measure temp and humidity in real time (th16) like it was 2 weeks ago. Before that I had 6-7% differences now 24%. Absolutely unacceptable

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All of this is due to the LAN function that has not worked since the beginning.
Thanks for messing up my drying chamber with last firmware upgrade. Good job on making good product wortless.

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After 3.3.0 upgrade my pow r2 readings are 5 minutes behind real time. This is of no use to any one. Need to revert back to revert 2.8.how do I do this

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When can we expect Android Q support?

Sonoff Pow R2 no lan control.

Latest version 2.8.0 when upgrade.

It would be a good idea to still switch the Lan control off with one button for all devices at once.

After updating to latest eWeLink App, the alarm notification of Bridge does not indicate which sensor has been triggered. It's useful to be alerted on the specific sensor that's triggered.
Pls consider to restore that alert notification. Thank you.


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Are TH10 and TH16 End of Life for firmware upgrade?
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