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PIR2 with Bridge, turn on T1 with Loop timer

Would it be possible to use a Sonoff PIR2 and a Bridge to trigger the motion sensor to turn on a T1 switch and also have this on a Loop timer? the issue i have is i need a system that detects motion in a bathroom and lets the light stay on as long as it detects motions and after X amount of minutes turns the light off. hopefully that makes sense.

Possible. This is how i do it. Setup in scene trigger by PIR2 to trigger a T1 switch. Then set the T1 switch with inching of x min. The t1 switch off after x min. The only problem is even when u trigger the switch manually it will auto off after x min. Anyone hv any better idea pls share

Appreciate the feedback, i too was looking for a way to manually override the timer. Wouldent it be possible to use a 2-gang T1, one with a timer and one without to acheave this then?

I think it is possible. Try it out and let me know the result
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