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PIR2 with Bridge, turn on T1 with Loop timer

Would it be possible to use a Sonoff PIR2 and a Bridge to trigger the motion sensor to turn on a T1 switch and also have this on a Loop timer? the issue i have is i need a system that detects motion in a bathroom and lets the light stay on as long as it detects motions and after X amount of minutes turns the light off. hopefully that makes sense.

Possible. This is how i do it. Setup in scene trigger by PIR2 to trigger a T1 switch. Then set the T1 switch with inching of x min. The t1 switch off after x min. The only problem is even when u trigger the switch manually it will auto off after x min. Anyone hv any better idea pls share

Appreciate the feedback, i too was looking for a way to manually override the timer. Wouldent it be possible to use a 2-gang T1, one with a timer and one without to acheave this then?

I think it is possible. Try it out and let me know the result
I'm interested in this exact functionality too. Did you figure it out? Is it possible to get the PIR to trigger an actual scene? Or do I need something like an RF Bridge to receive the signal from the PIR and then trigger a scene? I need the PIR to trigger a scene somehow to turn on a T1 light switch. I need the light switch to stay on while motion is being detected. And while motion is no longer detected, I need the light to turn off after x minutes. I'd also like the light to stay on indefinitely when manually turned on. If the scene function in the app had a little bit more logic then this would be easy. Is something like this possible? Even with Home Assistant or Alexa or something like that?
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