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sonoff garage door

i had a power cut today and i was not home, however when the power returned the door opened, which i was not expecting to happen, how can i stop this happening as its a security flaw.

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Me too

I don't know how you guys have your garage door hooked up. But I used a the Inching / Self-locking Smart Switch and don't have any issues when the power goes out. Basically you hook it up like you would an old school garage door switch. The Inching function returns the device to the off state, which mimics a physical button push. 

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sounds the same as mine, i have it connected across the terminals where a remote switch would connect to on the garage closer, my device has the inching set, but when the power goes off then on the door opens

lionel, what firmware version do you have? I have a device without updating in 2.6.0 and the same thing does not happen to me, instead I have 3 devices in version 3.0.1 and if it happens, it is a security failure because you leave your house open to any thief !!

I have the SV in inching mode, connected across the normally closed and set to be in "off" state on power up with firmware 3.0.1 and one with 2.7.1. Both work perfectly, no issues on power on. On the Gate is is wired on the manually open gate with push button switch and on the Garage door, the same thing.

Gerhard I have it configured normally open, for that reason it does not fail you....

Have you tried setting the default position at startup? I'm not sure how quickly it will enable on power up, it might still be slower than the garage electronics waking up...

the problem is that the switch is pressed at the same time the engine is turned on, therefore the engine detects this pulsation and opens the door, I do not understand how it takes so long to solve it if 2 weeks ago I opened a ticket including video , I had to temporarily remove it to avoid having my house open to thieves !! it's a firmware problem !!
and it does not matter what position you put on the ignition, both maintain, as on or off, emits the happy pulsation! with version 2.0.6 I did not
Has this issue been resolved? I have logged the same issue and haven’t heard anything back yet.

i still have the issue

Someone asked a while back but I forgot to answer. I have firmware 3.3.0 installed. Also I noticed that after I turned the power off and back on again while replacing a water heater one of my garage doors opened. The difference in the two switches was that one has an indication status of 'on' and the other is 'off'. The one that was set to 'on' opened when power was restored. I'm assuming that one of those two buttons changes it from normally open to normally closed, this when the power is restored it activates and the door opens

I have the same problem

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