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Sonoff 4ch pro R2 done relay changeover by itself

I have connected my fan & lights with Sonoff 4ch pro r2 . Intially it was working fine but after 3months I am facing problem with this device.when I turned on fan or light some time it is turned by itself & reverse

2 people have this problem

hello, it happens to me like the g1, I'm waiting for response from the support,

I have 2 of the 4CH Pro R2's , both have CH1 switching on by itself at wee hours in the night or various other times when those times were never programmed in and maybe the eprom just never got cleared out properly. And now my first one has both CH1 and CH2 triggering for no reason. Both are on a stable 12 Vdc supplies (i.e. Solar system battery) .

Just submitted a trouble ticket and waiting for response.

I have several Sonoff 4ch pro R2d I had the same problems: on/off by itself randomly.  I pressed the clear RF433c buttom (inside) for several seconds until all green light turned off and sice there, everything smooth

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