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BUG SONOFF G1 wifi switch bug , the door opens after electricity returns

Hi all

I have detected a problem with this device, and that is that if the power supply of the home is lost, when returning, the Sonoff G1 device, emits a pulsacion the relay, therefore, if the door was closed, open it, and if it was open , closes it.

This happens to me with 3 devices that I have updated to version 3.0.1, but it does not happen to me in a device that I have in version 2.6.0.

Does anyone know if a downgrade can be done?

Check that this does not happen on your devices.

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so in order to protect a relay, you activate it at each power cycle, this answer is simply ridicolous. please, try again

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I think everything is clear here, Itead did it intentionally in order to get rid of these devices...only we ended up in this situation, the hostages( 

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Olá, o problema foi corrigido na versão 3.4.0 disponibilizada.

Many thanks Diego, will try and send an update asap.
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