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BUG SONOFF G1 wifi switch bug , the door opens after electricity returns

Hi all

I have detected a problem with this device, and that is that if the power supply of the home is lost, when returning, the Sonoff G1 device, emits a pulsacion the relay, therefore, if the door was closed, open it, and if it was open , closes it.

This happens to me with 3 devices that I have updated to version 3.0.1, but it does not happen to me in a device that I have in version 2.6.0.

Does anyone know if a downgrade can be done?

Check that this does not happen on your devices.

5 people have this problem

a timer relay NC in series with the contact, with a delay of a few seconds to exclude the first pulse, but is too much effort, I can wait for the next update...
I also thought about buying a timer relay, but the problem is in the firmware version, I have a device that has version 2.6.0 and it works without problems ... I hope itead support review this problem seriously.
A timer relay is a hardware fix, you will never experience the issue again, regardless of the firmware version. Another option is a small backup battery or an ups, but again too much effort, I would better wait. Unfortunately there's no way to roll the firmware back.
We will wait for a new version as soon as possible.

New version is out and still not fixed.

yes, we experienced the same, let's wait for a fix...
it's taking a long time to solve it, I just think that with a new firmware version with the options of version 2.6.0 it would be solved! I have thought about buying the product again and be lucky that it comes with firmware 2.6.0 ...

That is how I have solved my garage door. I had one extra module at home and this one is 2.6.1 and it working just fine. Lucky me. But this is not the solution for everyone. They have to fix it sooner or later, otherwise no one will use it anymore and that means no one will buy it. 

Hello everyone, I have been informed by the support department that they are carrying out tests to solve it as soon as possible.


If I have new news, I will comment here.


Thank you!!

Goodmorning everyone!

Anyone have news?

I have version 3.3.0 but I have the same problem: '(


4 devices began to behave in a similar way after the 3.3.0 update. Is it possible to make downgrade firmware 2.6.1 via USB for UART TTL?

apparently not, and there's no support anymore, itead will not produce these devices in the future...if you're lucky, you'll find some vendor that still sell, and most probably firmware is still 2.6.1, I bought 4 on ebay.

I opened a ticket, if they answer that the bug will not be fixed, it will be better to buy SONOFF RE5V1C, their itead will produce and support... only I hope not as G1)))

Same thing happend to me. Problem is that I have 3 main doors that open itself when power is lost and regularly that happens at night in my country. Please let us downgrade the firmware or find a solution. We trust on you.

here's what itead replied:

Sorry for the issue. It's a firmware update. This strategy is designed in order to protect the relay. Other products don't show the problem because they are new designs and New Smart G1 is an old product. Shall we use Sonoff SV or RE5V1C to be the substitute? 

New Smart G1 is discontinued so we recommend the selling product.

Currently, we don't have a plan to upgrade the firmware of it.

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