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Sonoff DIY mini setup

Hi I was wondering if I can use the Sonoff DIY mini in the following setup:

- Loopwire between Live and Neutral (no neutral present in my existing setup);
- Live wire in L In;
- Load wire (to lamp) in L Out;
- S1 and S2 to light rocker

Hope you can help me out if this will work. For the loopwire please see picture.

Best Regards Hanno
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Unfortunately it is useless.  It does not say when and where it may be used. Even the photo (with 4 positions) in the manual indicates something like on/off but where and why are not explained.  May be they are planning something further and may need this jumper. I would not hazard a guess.


From the literature what I have gathered is that you will be able to use it only with a wall outlet (socket) where neutral is also present.

In American wiring system where the switch (on/off) acts only as a "circuit breaker" it won't work without the neutral also being present..  Only a regular on/off switch will work.  A bell push type (momentary) will not.

I opened the cover (press the two sides of the cover and lift) and apparently the jumper is for shorting the OTA terminal to ground.  Now I am not sure if the OTA ( firmware update Over The Air) is default or not and whether this jumper is to actually activate or disable this functionality.  There is no reference to that in the manual.

 Of course  my understanding of OTA  is derived from this functionality from desktop PC bios updates and mobile phone OS update /upgrade function.


Hello, From my point of view, as a user, entering that if the bridge is open we are working in default mode (eWelink), if we close it we will go to DIY mode. This can be verified in an upcoming firmware update, if it is open and updated through OTA.

I just configure the 2 pieces I received a couple of days ago. The pairing happened ULTRA fast. Then it updated the firmware from 3.0 to 3.3 OTA in under a couple of minutes. Tested the devices using a simple on/off switch. Between the switch and the eWelink software if functioned like a perfect 2 Way switch.

Another, extremely plus point for me, was the feature of working over wifi WITHOUT  having to connect to the Internet. There is an option of turning on the lan mode in settings.

Until some more information is available I will be happy to continue using it  with current set of features. BTW it is so small that I might replace ALL my Basic devices with these Mini DIY devices.

Hello, how to connect Mini to light bulb if I now have physical switch with live an neutral wire only?

The two wires from the switch on the wall terminate in the ceiling box.  Install the mini in the ceiling box and connect those switch leads only to the switch input on the mini.  That is exactly what it is designed for.




See this thread:

It may help you out.  There are some diagrams on page 6.

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