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Sonoff DIY mini setup

Hi I was wondering if I can use the Sonoff DIY mini in the following setup:

- Loopwire between Live and Neutral (no neutral present in my existing setup);
- Live wire in L In;
- Load wire (to lamp) in L Out;
- S1 and S2 to light rocker

Hope you can help me out if this will work. For the loopwire please see picture.

Best Regards Hanno
(885 KB)

Makes no sense to me.  In order to power the device you need voltage between L-in and N-in.

Thanks. Saw this at a instructional video of the Aeontec Nano Dimmer. So thought this might be possible with the Sonoff as well

from where you got sonoff mini early ?

Directly from iTead. I’ve pre ordered them. Came beginning this week. But hadn’t checked my wires. Was hoping to connect them without neutral wire...

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I love to help you out but haven’t been able to install my mini’s yet. Have to pull a neutral wire first I guess...
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