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Firmware Update

Maybe someone can help me. One of my 4ch is still on 2.7.1 and the Bridge at 2.7.0 All another devices at 3.01 or 3.1.0 Is there a possibility to start the update? Many thanks to you.

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I have the same problem. Not all devices show upgrade is available.

And what to do? Just I got 2 new 3ch. Both on 2.0.1..... 

I too have a new Sonoff 4CH Pro R2 with the same issue, stuck on 2.7.1.  It says the firmware is up to date.

And I have 2 of 4ch pro. One is at 3.10, one at 2,71. 

Then I have some T1 3CH, some on 3.10, some on 2.01 (not 3.01)
This is what I cannot understand

This is the response I got from support:

As we didn't open firmware upgraded access links for all the users at one time, please wait for more days.


Joy Li

Same answer I got too. I am sure this is a misunderstanding. Only some devices on 2.01, other (same model) at 3.10 at me. Same user, same model different firmware.

It may take some time for the update to arrive.

Hope it won't last forever, because 3.0.1 is a disaster.

got update yesterday  works fine

Got the updates & works fine, it is stable now  & LAN control is automatically active at Home network, inching feature & Camera option is great, I tried camera option with another smartphone it  works fine \

Keep improving the firmware ,  Any possibility to record temperature /humidity  with an set interval  in TH16 model, it would be great  if you can work on it  

You can try going to settings  &  update firmware manually, It might work 

Thanks &  Regards 

I’m not getting any updates yet. Is manual update even posible?
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