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offline devices sonoff

hi, a few days ago my sonoff devices are almost always offline. I have ewelink 3.8.0. I can't control a 4ch pro r2 and 2 sonoff basic. does not work from smartphone and does not even work from alexa. internet and routers are ok. how can I do?

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Downgrade app to 3.5.8 . Download .apk file from internet.

ok, thanks, could you kindly give me a link? I can not find it

I can not paste link here. Type in google and it will appear. Then erase old app, and download new .apk file . Type your username and password , and voila. All works as it should.

ok, I installed version 3.5.8 on my smartphone. later I will try at home. the problem, however, remains with alexa. often does not find the devices. how can i solve?

I dont have alexa, so i dont know. My solution is for smartphone problems. With Alexa i dont know what is the solution.

ok, thanks

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