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Firewall: does anybody know which ports or service Sonoff uses?

Hi everybody,

after installing a new Mikrotik router in the house of one of my clients I found that all Sonoff devices went down.

Trying the ewelink network diagnosis from inside the wifi LAN gives me always connecting problems. The app itself can't connect to the service.

Obviously, when I get out of the wifi everything get back to work. This can only mean it must be a firewall problem so, after surfing the web searching for port forwarding about sonoff and ewelink, I found less than nothing.

Does anybody knows which ports should I forward to get the service fixed?

Thanks for your kind help

Well, it was a configuration problem.

I misconfigured a nat setting, so i made the right troubleshooting on the router and found the solution.

Thanks everybody for help


hi paolo ,

i am facing the same situation. can you tell me how to solve this via mikrotik router?

Hi Mohammed, It was my mistake, have a look at firewall rules and control if you blocked or forwarded some port to the wrong place. Hope this can help.
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