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Stc 1000 Aquarium Controller and sonoff switches

I have both sonoff Th 10 and Th 16 but They have both 2 degrees differential and it is too much for controlling the Aquarium temperature. So my question is can I modify a sonoff basic or dual to be connected at the output of a normal thermostat like Stc 1000 with 220v outlet and have on and off sign in the Ewelink application? I am thinking of adding a sonoff at the outlet of the thermostat but once it Turns off the sonoff will not have power so every time the sonoff will be powered of and then on. Please send your suggestions

Dont know what you eyactely need for Aquarium. but search in google for "thermostat ifttt compatible". 

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Thanks Thomas for your reply The problem is that the differential of the temperature is 2 degrees and for my aquarium I need 0.3 degrees differential. So I want to use my normal thermostat and just trigger the WiFi relay on and off of the sonoff basic or the Th 10
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