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EWelink sensors alarm

EWelink app for Android needs urgently the possiblility of add sensors alarms.

For example when a sensor exceeds a temperature the app show you an alarm in the phone. It's very easy to implement, i don't no why they have do it before.

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Would love to have such an alarm facility too! Anybody know a workaround on this?

I'd like to have the possibility to receive an email when the temperature exceeds a preset temperature, either as a high boundary as well as a low one. These limits should be indipendent from the switch activation ones.

For example:

Sonoff TH16 on auto mode


This is how it functions today:

Switch ON when temperature <= 30 Celsius

Switch OFF when temp > 70 Celsius

and that's ok.

I'd like to be able to do this:

Send email alert if temp < 20 Celsius

Send email alert if temp > 80 Celsius


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