eWeLink What's New for Android 3.8.0

Release Date:2019-06-12

What's new of eWeLink Android 3.8.0 :

1. Smart scene supports enable&disable function.

2. Smart scene supports setting time period for effective.

3. Other App bugs fixed and optimizations.

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Dear customers. We did a lot of researches and tests. The inching function of 4ch pro will come back in the next 1 or 2 versions. Thanks for your attention.

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It would be good to do it if the devices and scenes were run by sunset and sunrise. Otherwise, thanks for updating and adding new features

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Dear Scott, I am more than happy that your team is going on with the developing of the software, but from last release for many of us there is the problem of inching, absolutely not solved by the hardware and absolutely unsufficient for a normal use.

What are you doing to give back this feature in the future? For many applications it's absolutely needed, or we will be obliged to change the firmware of our Sonoff. A reall pity. Thanks

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I agree with Alessandro Bozzano, thanks so much to all developers, but (for 4 ch) we need to set the software inching for each channel separately. Would also be useful the operation log.

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Since version 3.7.0 there has been a “Update the user interface of TH series.”

The update is a graphical indication of the Humidity.

However you can no longer see the value of the Humidity and thereby you cannot get the information if the Humidity is on its way up or down.

I know the Humidity is not exact but please add the value otherwise the Humidity sensor is worthless.


If you could also add historical data to the temperature and humidity it would be fantastic.


Thanks for a great product!

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Thx Scott we need inching function (separatly for any channl is better) come back on 4chpro

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And the inching time ?

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When the possibility of selecting a change of state will be implemented in the scenes: if it is on, does it switch off and if it is off, turn it on?!?

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Please provide hourly statistic. I will be awesome!

an action is need to just notify on the app

for things such as motion detection with also a 'dont repeat in x minutes'

That is a great news, Scott! Thank you so much. Let us to know when it will happen, please

Hi Scott, thank you very much for your effort, is it the inching function to manage each channel separately? Could you put the log function for 4ch in the new release?

The "effective period" has a "little" bug, it doesn't work if you set for example from 22 to 6, you've to set 2 scenes: from 22 to 00 and from 00 to 6, can you please fix? Thanks a lot for the effort

Hi all,

the notifications from RF Bridge are useless after the new update.

It doesn't show the triggered device name?


before: "Garage door open" (sensor name)  alarm

now: [Alarm Notification] - Enter RF Bridge details.

So i need to guess which sensor is triggered, need to open the app, go to details of alarm, and search which sensor was it?

Please change that back!

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