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API key visibility in eWeLink

Itead has recently, in V3 firmware, made available a HTTP REST API  (many thanks for this, it is great progress and I think will broaden the uptake of your devices)

For device not branded DIY, encryption is turned on and the 'api_key' is needed to use the REST API.

This api_key is currently available during pairing, but not after.

Could the eWeLink application which stores the key made available during pairing, make the key visible under 'settings' so users with custom integrations can more easily access the api-key and thus use the HTTP REST functionality.

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The API documentation shows the cloud interface. How does one use the API locally without depending on the cloud? This link is the local API. I have not seen the cloud API, where is that published

Any idea of the commands to control the ifan03 speeds? I need only that, dont even the light, just the fan speed. Thanks

It will be great.

I hope that they publish the api_key from the App like all the other brands. People will adopt this brand if they do it.

Has there been any progress with the cloud api?? and has the api key been made visible in the app yet??

I think that the API Key is still not visible in the App :(  I can't find it. And I don't know if there are plans to do it. Anybody from itead who can confirm?

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