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Using flash memory rtick)

Needing a huge amount of variables  in programming nextion(tft), being impossible to use REAL arrays created by code, i hope to have found a weird trick to store variables in the very large space of the flash memory (that is strictly intended to store fonts and

i have created a huge numer of "if" blocks" (code generated by the output of an Language, being really impossible to store writing line per line so huge code, thousand variables, ascii based or stricrly numeric).

So i i used 6k ROWS(!) of code in an event, code made by an imopressive chain of "if blocks".

Astonished i see the memory is largely enough, not only, the execution of all those if blocks seems impressively fast.

So i figure out that all code is store in the flash memory, beeing too large for the 
memory of "visual" variables.

My impression is that the if blocks are compiled as a big array where the indices are the conditions of if blocks.

It's too fast to be other way.

Is really the "hacky" solution to go behind the poor limit of the memory for the "visual" variables?

Impressions and suggestions are well accepted.

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