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Sonoff Touch T1 US ridiculous RF range


I have a Sonoff Touch T1 US (image attached) and it's working fine trough Internet.

Sonoff is new, has less than 2 months of use.

I paired some Rf remotes (I tried 5 different models of remotes all 315 Mhz) and they only work if the Sonoff is a maximum distance of 10 cm (about 4 inches) from the remote, even if the Sonoff is off the wall, the maximum distance to pair or operate the Sonoff with the remote is a maximum of 10 cm (about 4 inches).

The remotes work perfectly and have enough power for at least 20 meters, as I tested on other devices that I have with 315 Mhz.

What is going on ?

I bought the product to test because I had intended to buy at least another 12 units but I am very disappointed with the product. I imagined that Rf had a greater reach and Sonoff had a good quality

Thank you for your attention and I await an answer.

(3.05 MB)
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