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Sonoff RF switch responses very slow

I’m using sonoff switches to control all my lighting at home, it was about few months before this problem occur. All sonoff switches responses very slow (15-30sec) sometime even longer or might not response at all. From the ewelink app the switch may show disconnected to wifi when it takes very long time to react, but however the switch will connect back to wifi again after sometime. Not sure want happen to these switches, other smart lighting like my yeelight which sharing the same wifi is working brilliantly. hope someone could give me some advise..thank you in advance!

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hi, how did you fix this?

I do have the same problem! I year ago i could command my boiler even outside of my home... these function nowadays sometimes works sometimes doesn't works! What is truly disturbing is the lag time to the ewelink app connects to the wifi (so they say because the android cell is connected to wifi long before)... So my conclusion is related to some ewelink SERVER It's not your wifi... Their server now has to connect to millions of switches around the world... That's the reason you have a lag time around 1 minute or more, killing completely the use of ewelink... Please stop invading our privacy and return the control to the user... WTF we need your server for?
Jose is right! You can’t do anything when this happens. Those smart device eg. ewelink and yeelight manage their customer’s switches through their server, especially when you link your them to amazon dot or google home. Last week all my ewelink devices not working again, was contact amazon and sonoff customer service. End up the issue was caused by ewelink server at amazon down, problem resolved after they restarted the server. Normally when their server down, you will still able to control via their apps directly. (as the ewelink/yeelight apps will talks to the devices directly through your home wifi, on the other hand it might have due to your wifi problem if you can’t on/off your device through their apps) this is how i check them every time they have problem. Just to share my past experience, i was upgrading my home router (can’t remember the model but from Asus dual bands entry level router to Asus lyra Trio 3 units) after that all my smart switches either response very slow, or sometime no response at all. Had hard time to troubleshoot until i changed back to my old router then all smart devices back to work again..router does impact the performance also. Hope it helps!
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