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Statistical Data of POW2

The POW2 is extraordinarily impressive. However, I have realised that most features and functionality always revolve around a particular unit of switch. As an example POW2 can record usage statistic. However, if you have 5 POW2 at home, its a very manual task to consolidate data from all 5 POW2 units. There should be some sort of dashboard where users can combine and sort the statistical data according to their needs. If that is too complex, at least a API should be available for users to do that.

Because at the end, when a whole house is integrated using may Sonoff switches, its absolutely not useful to have reading on only one switch at a time


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You need to Flash with Tasmota.  Shelly Switch can used with local Server and Cloud.

you can also download histories and consolidate them in one excel or Numbers file then pivot!

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